Castle Showrunners Answered Questions on reddit

Castle showrunners David Amann and Andrew W Marlowe took to reddit today under the username “Castle_Writers” and took two hours out of their very busy schedules to answer a mass of fan questions. We know reddit is really hard to follow so if you can’t make sense of the actual…


How Long does Nathan Fillion want Castle to Last?

This and other questions are addressed in an interview with Playboy (of all places!) This is a great interview with Nathan. Check the full interview at the link below. What do you feel that the natural end point of the show is? This year? Next year? The natural end point? Excellent question. You…


Bam Said the Lady, Another Bestseller for Richard Castle!

Richard Castle’s Raging Heat has debuted on the New York Times Bestseller list at #6 in the latest list published today, continuing the fine tradition established when Richard Castle started writing the Nikki Heat series back in 2009. In addition to making the list in Hard Cover Fiction,…


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